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Is It Spyware Or Something I Need?

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I just disabled it for now. I don't know enough about how it works

with the games because I haven't got that far yet! It is spyware, but better to be safe than sorry (on my end anyway). Do your own *thing* :mrwinky:

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I downloaded Shockwave once, then immediately after, found out I needed Wild Tangent's software to play a game I thought Shockwave was for. :angry: Didn't know what Wild Tangent was, but downloaded it anyway. Immediately thereafter, I noticed it had placed itself in my Startup, and insinuated itself in places I didn't really think it needed to be, so I got rid of it. Period.


If you play games created in Wild Tangent's format, you'll need Wild Tangent to play them. If not, get rid of it. -kd5-

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YES! :blushing: Ax Slinger......Boop Boop bee do! Thats me! LOL... Now, to answer your question brownhornet..........ummmmmm........I removed it from the..."add and remove programs" on my computer??? YES?...Is that what you mean??? THEN...........I ran Spybot and that cleaned that sun of a gun up! YEAH! Shakey :rolleyes:

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