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Low space on Recovery Hard Drive -


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I recommend you take a backup of the registry before proceeding with the

steps, so that any damage to the registry during modification can be



CAUTION: The following steps involve registry modifications.

Therefore, a registry backup is essential. An

incorrect registry entry may cause serious system

problems or prevent the computer from starting. You

will not be warned of any incorrect registry entries.

If the registry is not backed up, the only way to

recover the system is by reinstalling the operating



To backup the registry:


1. Click Start and Type Run in the Start Search.

2. Type REGEDIT in the Open field and click OK.

3. Click "File" in the menu.

4. Click "Export" from the drop-down menu.

5. Click the down arrow beside "Save In" and select Local Disk (C:).

6. Type BACKUP.REG in the File Name field.

7. Verify that the "All" radio button under the "Export Range" is


8. Click Save.


After taking a backup of the registry, remove the programs from the

registry by following these steps:


1. Click Start and Type Run and type regedit in the Open Field.

2. After the Registry Editor loads, perform the following steps:


Go to the following entry:







Click the '+' sign next to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE

Click the '+' sign next to System

Click the '+' sign next to CurrentControlSet

Click the '+' sign next to Services

Click the '+' sign next to LanmanServer

Click the '+' sign next to Parameters


3. If the value DiskSpaceThreshold exists then double click on it and

skip to step 5

4. If the value does not exist, from the Edit menu select New - DWord

value. Enter a name of DiskSpaceThreshold. Click OK then double click

on the new value

5. Set the base to decimal and enter a value that you want the event to

be generated at from 0-99.

Click OK

Restart the machine


This should definitely free some space on the drive D.

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