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old hp acting slow


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heres the pit test http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=9WSKFW6J16WSB9EW



latey its been acting slow like loading stuff the hdd light keeps blinking like crazy and takes long to load anything.


it allways gets defrag as it should i checked for virus spyware nothing.


even loading up internet explorer it takes about 10sec as when i use to use it it took about 1sec.



this computer is being use as internet and printing pc and office stuff for my mom and dad.


the hdd is kinda old i say about 6years ? its a wd 7200rpms 20gb but not sure if thats the problem.

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it was pretty fast back than and i got a laptop that came with xp with 256mb ram and its nothing this slow:( everything loads up fast on that.


and like i said this was fast befor i just dont know what happen to it or wrong with it.


but im going to uninstall the controlls and see what it does.


heck its slower than my older computer that is 233mhz 6gb hdd 96mb ram when i tried xp on it and it was pretty fast loading internet explorer up and going threw windows fast.


and this computer is pretty much a monster to that computer lol which shouldint have a problem just going threw windows and loading internet explorer lol

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