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Using flash based memory as RAM in both XP and Vista!


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Well basically the gist of it is that even in Windows XPSP2, (and of course windows Vista), you can use flash based memory in lieu or in addition to, to regular DDR or DDR2 ram.




April 2007, www.pcworld.com, page 91(of the actual Magazine).


Turn on ReadyBoost


"One of the simplest and least pricey ways to speed up Vista is by enabling "ReadyBoost", which uses a USB flash drive to supplement your computer's RAM. A 1GB flash drive costs as little as $15, and a 2GB device is a little more then twice that amount.


How do you figure the appropriate thubm-drive capacity for your PC? The smallest cache that ReadyBoost can use is 256MB, and the largest is 4GB. Microsoft recommends a flash-memory-to-system- RAM ratio of between 1:1 and 2.5:1. For example, if you have a PC with 512MB of RAM, purchase a flash drive with 512MB to 1.25GB of space. A system equipped with 1GB of RAM should use a drive with a capacity of between 1GB and 2.5GB.


The tricky part involoves ensuring that your USB flash drive is ReadyBoost-ready. Browse to:

find.pcworld.com/56358 to see the m inimum requirements and other ReadyBoost information. Before purchasing a specific drive, search the Web for information on whether it has been tested with ReadyBoost.


To use ReadyBoost, first plug the drive into a USB port and choose speed up my system on the screen that appears. On the next screen, select use this device, and click OK. On the ReadyBoost tab of the device's Properties dialog box, you can either go with the amount of space that Vista suggests reserving for the tool or replace it with an amount of space you prefer by using the slider control (see "The Best of Vista's New Tools below). "


Sources are PcWorld and Wikipedia




As for the "imitation" of ReadyBoost in Windows XP, there are plenty of resources available simply via Google. However, currently people are giving it mixed reviews. So explore this at your own risk.



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