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Forum Wars Police

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Hello fellow pitsters...


Forum Wars is gonna be pretty big this year and we need your help.

You do not have to play to be a cop, and you do not have to spend all day verifying scores.... :nono:


Just pitch in when you can, more cops = less work

Here's what we need you to do....

Check the players links and screenshots to see if they are accurate... if they are, then enter the results into the online database and give the players quoted score a :tup:


Ronnie Coleman is the Forum Police Marshall

and his word is final!!!


Those interested please indicate so, here on this thread :mrgreen:

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contact flopastu for the password :boxing:

edit: I ment Flewpastu :rolleyes:


Sorry Ray i never got the Password .... checked all my old PM's nothing there


oh and after this war is over you may call me Flewstompedyou :laughing::boxing::laughing:

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