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Forum Wars 2007 Sign-Up sheet

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Edit 6/4/2007:


**** I am very pleased to announce that Crucial Technology will be sponsoring Team Pitstop's A Team by providing 4, 2GB sets of Crucial Ballistix Tracer PC 8500 Modules for the contest.




Through the generosity of Crucial, the modules will become the property of the entrant, so put up your best score and go for the A Team. In the event an A Team member declines to accept, selection will then be made from the B Team, etc. So even if you don't think your rig is A Team-ready, post your best scores anyway, as you may still have a chance!


Thank You Crucial!! ****



.............................................. Crucial.JPG ............................................................. Ballistx.JPG




If you would like to participate in the upcoming Forum Wars as a member of Team Pitstop, please post your intention here with the specs of the rig you expect to be using. You are of course free to make any changes you want up until the preliminary tests begin, after which all upgrades must fall within the rules of Forum Wars 2007.




PC Pitstop will also need some Forum Cops to check scores and enter them into the Forum Wars database. If you want to be a cop, post up in this thread: http://forums.pcpitstop.com/index.php?showtopic=138327 and we will get you hooked up with the training.


Let's rock and roll guys 'n' gals! :ax:



Edit: The PC Pitstop Organizing Committee (PCPOC) has extended an invitation to Flewpastu to Captain our team again this year, and he has graciously accepted. :clap:


Rock on, dudes. :rocks:


Players So Far .... Keep on signing up guys we got plenty of room players listed w/ X 2 will have 2 rigs entered



Flew .... X 3




Rtyrie1 ...... X 2

Caintry ........... X 2






dwfinch .............. removed at will

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u can sign me up also but i may need a little help figuring scores up

and i dont have all that great of a pc specs. in sig.

but i join in the fun ,if thats ok


welcome aboard ............ if its whats in your sig thats plenty strong

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I think Flew just meant that upgrading is not a prerequisite for coming out to play in the Forum Wars wd.....If ya' can afford it, why not? If ya' can't afford it, don't worry, gotta have all types of rigs to make the master plan work. And that plan is for the Pitsters to kick butt and win the overall and the top spot this year!





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we really need to figure out what to do w/ forums that don't have that number of people


Perhaps a kind of united "pickup team" putting together the smaller forums to compete against the Mighty PCPitstop and the Mighty TRP...?
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I would like to but " I'm not worthy anymore" :worship:


Hi Ocean, how r u bro.

Hey c'mon don't say that now, we got similar rigs and you can definetly smoke mine by far. So if they need me, why not you, besides you got good experience with Ocing.


KK guys, sign me in.. Rig in Sig... But sorry if I can't score big, my rig is a little no good. But I'll try my best. :)

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