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Double Vision or Bad Monitor?

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I bought a new HP 22" monitor and I am seeing double. Whatever I am looking at on screen, I can see a shadow of it just to the right. I really am having this problem mostly with text.


Can anyone help? Here are my test results if there is anything here that might help:




I have tried different resolutions and I get the same results.


Thanks for your help Pit members.

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Is the connector cable plugged all the way in?


The cabe is plugged in snugly, however that brings up something. When I bought this monitor they didn't send me a DVI cable only VGA. So I am using an adapter. I wonder if this could be the problem.

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What about the refresh rate or maybe different drivers

What about the cable it self?

it has been my experience that cheaper cables are poorly shielded

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Set refresh rate to 60 Hertz, also set Display - Appearance Tab - Effects - Select Clear Type on the drop down menu - OK - Apply.

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The problem is due to "ringing", which can be due to a design flaw, or a poor cable or ground, or a bad component or solder joint in the monitor.  With a new monitor, I'd be inclined to take it to a TV (not computer) repair shop, and have them hook up a video pattern generator via the VGA connector, then the DVI connector.  They'd know within a minute flat if the monitor has a problem, and if it's restricted to the VGA input.


Or, presuming your computer has a DVI connector, try a DVI cable to see if the problem is resolved.  If not, the fault is definitely in the monitor itself.


(Edit:  It is possible, but unlikely, that the adapter is the cause.)

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