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Is Disk MD really this slow?


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I've run Disk MD twice now, and yes it is the latest version. First time took approx. 12 hours to defrag and optimize a 30gb drive. After this I deleted 2 directories and cleaned up some registry entries. Second run is at 8 hours currently.


Is this normal behavior?


The part that takes the most time is step 6, moving files to the beginning of the disk. After watching for several hours the files that take the most time are the \system volume information\_restore{...} files. These are extremely fragmented and very large. Most in excess of 300 fragments, up to 900.


Why would they be so fragmented less than 4 hours after running this process to completion the first time through?


Would it be safe to just delete all of these files and create a new restore point?




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No, that is not normal behavior. I suspect that the error report may show that the file in question was not defragmented previously.


Not only is it safe to delete old restore points, it is also desirable. The easiest way is to go to Start>Programs>Accessories>System Tools>Disk Cleanup>More Options>System Restore>Cleanup and let the Windows utility delete all but the most recent restore point, unless you have a specific reason for keeping older restore points.


Please let us know if you try this and there is no improvement.

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