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This is my first build. Not 100% updated But its all stock, No over clocking ,only a little on the video card.


I don't know if this is a good score for a stock core duo 6400 or not, but it sure looks a lot better than my 820 dual core


Please let me know what everyone thinks, and if I need to do anything ?????



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Looks very good.

I am wondering how you managed to get such a high video score? I have the same video card and only get 480MP/S usually...?I know you said you overclock it a little, but does it make that much of a difference?

What kind of cpu are you running?
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I'm using a Core 2 duo E6600.

wow you got a faster processor than what I have, I did the same test with default settings on the 7600gt and got 450, So it must make a big jump, But when you tested did you turn your color down to 16bit and turn all the eye candy off ?? I turned it all down, that can make a nice difference also. My oc on the card was 568/1041 When I got that fat score.BTW invin546 what was your complete score do you have the link I would love to take a look at it to compare.
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ok, I did the test again and took things like a shadow program off, and colour depth down to 16bit, and raised it up to 740. That's more how it should be! Not to mention I put the speed of it up to 600 for cpu and 1500 for DDR speed.


yeap that shot you over the 4grand mark . Did you oc the video card Also ?? btw nice score


.I still have not oced my comp yet, just v card I am trying to make sure I can go a good week without any errors. I am getting it down though right now, I am trying to find and error that i get every now and then when I am using my dvdrw, once I get that right then I might try a little ocing my system. :b33r:

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yeah i oc'd the video card so the gpu was at 600mhz, and the ram at 1500mhz. Also the C2duo was at 2.7Ghz. I'm using all stock cooling so I've turned it back down to 2.4Ghz, not that I was experiencing any issues at the other speed - I just won't be needing any more speed!

There are probably more things I could do to go faster but to be honest, I only play a game on this machine once a week or so and the rest of the time i'm doing work on it...so there isn't much point in putting it to a ridiculous speed and giving way to more probability of damage somewhere along the line!

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