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Windows Vista Usability


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Here are a series of little know tips and tricks to make using Vista much easier:

  • Run as Administrator: Some software won't install, even if you are logged in as an administrator. So right click on the setup file you are trying to execute and choose Run as an Administrator to get it to install properly.
  • Edit your startup applications with Windows Defender. Start Windows Defender and click Tools and then Software Explorer and then remove or disable programs you don't want to run at start up or remove programs from memory
  • In the Network and Sharing menu click “Customize” next to the network and choose Public to make your system more secure if you are on a public Wi-Fi connection or if you wireless network is not secured with WEP or WPA. Make your network Private if you want you computer to be auto discoverable which means it can be easily found by other computers on your home network.
  • Shift and then right click on a folder or any program to add the items "Copy as path" and "Open command window here" to the menu.
  • Keyboard shortcut secret: From left to right assign the icons on your QuickLaunch bar a number. To launch each one hold down the Windows logo key and type the number of position of the application. So if you have Firefox then Word then Windows Media player then type Windows key and then 1 to launch Firefox. Tap Windows key and the 2 to launch Word and so on.
Taken from http://www.quepublishing.com, written by Andy Walker Edited by travyboy00
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It's not really advice, it's just stating a method of doing it. UAC does improve the security on Windows Vista, but under some scenarios you might want it disabled. One example would be when giving non-security related demos in front of an audience.


I apologize and should have mentioned that home users should just try to get used to it instead of disabling it. To make amends, I'll edit it out since you didn't find anything wrong with the rest of the tips.

Edited by travyboy00
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