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  • 2 weeks later...

I have tried to run Exterminate (I even purchased it, but got a refund after it kept crashing). When I download the free, unregistered version (as I tried this evening, March 27th), it runs fine until it detects a trace cookie. When it finds such a thing, as I run it through its paces, I get a "report error to microsoft" box, and the whole program freezes up.


I have seen earlier posts here from back in December, where someone with PC Pitstop has said the problem has issued from a server; well, obviously, the problem continues. So long as it does, PC Pitstop will sell few -- if any -- new subscriptions to its Exterminate program. What a way to run a business!!!

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Guest DVMadison

Continued efforts to combat registration issues and crashes. Please download the latest version if you having problems with registration. Let us know if the problems still persist.

Thank you!


Here's my problem: My windows search stopped working, my installed Symantec internet security was somehow disabled, and the windows installer is inoperative (although it shows it being on in winconfig). Because the Windows installer won't work, I can't install any spyware checker. The only web based checker that would actually work was Exterminate (the Java runtime environment is also disabled and I can't update it because of afore mentioned problem with Windows installer).


So the free web based Exterminate found a hijaker on my computer - but I can't buy the subscription to make it remove it because I get an error when it redircts me to the purchasing webpage.


Any suggestions?

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