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password protect anything or everything on your pc

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only 2 stars because it's not freeware...



Same here....freeware is so much more fun....just the thought of a limited trial version makes my stomach turn..... :pullhair:

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How about this ?


You can use NC (Norton Commander) for DOS to access the FolderLock Locked Folder. Browse your Locked Folder by using nc.exe and you can see everything there! You can copy, delete, move, etc. from there!


I was able to view all of my Windows XP personal locked files and folders and photos from a Unix Networked PC the only thing was I was not able to delete them so I give folder lock a pat on the back for that one but they really should work on making it much more secure test it from a Unix networked PC


You could've removed the system attribute set by the crappy software by this :

Start > Run > cmd {press enter}


attrib -s -h -r (folder name) Press Enter}

The folder should be visible in Windows Explorer now. And then you could browse the folder easily.

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