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Disk MD v1.0.14.0 Released

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Disk MD v1.0.14.0 has been launched, and is now available for download. Below are the changes and fixes in the new version.

  • Improved defragmentation algorithm
  • Further fixes for the endless loop bug
  • Smaller distribution size
  • Better defragmentation map that more accurately represents your drive state during defragmentation
  • More accurate progress and status report during defrag
  • New free space optimization options before defrag
  • Better report at end of defrag that shows information on files that could not be defragmented
  • Other minor bug fixes and enhancements
Grab a copy today and let us know what you think!
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Guest Guest_Peter_*

Disk MD seems interesting, however with a new product, I have a few questions:


Is the software REALLY free?

Are there any limitations? Which one?

Is it free of ads or hidden ad information?

Will it gather (and send) personal information or data?

How long will it work? Is there a time-limit?


Thanks for clarifying those "simple" questions?



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No, it is not free. License keys are sold. The analysis scan is what is free, not the software.


The limitations are spelled out in the Eula, which is too long to post here, but I will email you a copy of you like. Yes, there are a few.









It will work as long as there is a Windows XP SP2. Updates are free.

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Guest Erika Saunders

Aftert a disastrous MS defrag that left my pc in a unusable state, a few hours of restarting the beast and purchasing Disk MD (by the way, I kind of expected to see registration in the help section a few misses and I finally got it working) :pullhair: I ran it complete 2 times to make sure, it did fix a lot of frags and bobos, however, some were left :cr@sh: The system has definitively improved on performance scoring 2985 on your test results, average temperature has dropped 5 c (all watercooled, including HDD's) I was not sure what to expect after the MS mess, but I am impressed on the way Disk MD performed, it did take a few hours for 300 gb striped raid to be doctored :geezer: The big question that remains in my mind is what should I do with the undefragmentable files?????? :hammer:

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Erika, Welcome to PC Pitstop and congratulations on your success with Disk MD. Glad it was able to clean up your hard drive. Be sure to schedule it to run on a regular basis or run it manually yourself. It has settings for automatic daily, weekly, or monthly defragmentation. :wp:

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