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I d/loaded the Nero trial Version 7 CD Reader/writer to my desktop, scanned it and my zonealarm quarantined the file. I've deleted it.


I then did a google search and there are a million hits it seems with people that got infected.


This is the virus...not-a-virus:AdTool.Win32.MyWebSearch


My question is why do these sites include malicious entries in their software?


Another question I have is how do I get a virus free piece of software I can use before buying to see if it's what I want?


The problem I have is that I have never used my CD drive for copying etc. I now need to create a boot disk on my CD (my 'A' drive doesn't work for some reason as I keep getting 'insert new disk' message when I try to read a disk) because I need to run a memtest to see if I have faulty memory due to window errors and the random restarting of my PC due to this error. I've already posted my problem on another page.


If anyone has suggestions it's much appreciated. Tyvm.




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Thx for your reply Stormy.


However this is the version I downloaded and my Zonealarm identified a virus or most likely some malware that I really don't want on my system.


Yes, they have an update for this but it's for the help file that was missed on the original d/load.


Anyone else have thoughts on this?





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not-a-virus:AdTool.Win32.MyWebSearch....This is a browser search engine. You need to read absolutely everything in the Eula before you download from the Internet.


Go to your Control Panel, click on Add/Remove programs. Find "My Web" or "My Web Search" and uninstall it.


Reboot into safe mode (it may not be necessary),

Restart the computer

Immediately begin gently tapping the <F8> key.

Use the arrow keys to highlight Safe Mode and press the <Enter> key.



Click on your Computer icon, (most likely C:), then click on "Program files". Delete the folder that says 'My Web" or 'My Web Search'.


Reboot/ restart your computer. The added search browser (below the Address Bar) should be gone.

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