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Disk MD vs. Diskeeper


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I am torn between buying Disk MD or Diskeeper. I like that Disk MD defrags Windows Restore Points. But I like that Diskeeper can defrag the boot up files before Windows loads. I know its just bells and whistles but Diskeepers graphical representation of the disk is pretty cool too!


So, is Disk MD capable of defragging the boot up files too?


Please advise?

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I quote IntelGuy from a similar posting:


"DiskMD was built from the ground up and designed to be better than Diskeeper. My experience is that DiskMD does a better job at defragging and has no performance hit from running a service in the background."


"...designed from the ground up to be better than Diskeeper" Isn't this a bit of an overstatement? DiskMD is missing 2 key features of a program it claims to be better than. I don't mean to sound rude, I just want to spend my money on the best product. Diskeeper is even mentioned/recommended on the PC Pitstop Web Site. The background perfromance issue is a moot point as I wouldn't be running other applications when defragging anyways. Defraggers are best run before bedtime!


Please advise.

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