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i recently downloaded the new internet explorer version 7, and now when i test this pc, i get a yellow flag telling me i need to adjust my cache size. i have it set at 90 MB, but the test results say it's at 8367. i went back to make sure of my setting, clicked ok, and reran the test. it still said i needed to adjust the cache. everything else was checkered flagged. tell me what i need to do now (in the simplest possible terms.....i don't understand a lot of the computer jargon, or know how to send stuff to you)

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it's not actually the pit test having the problem. your defualt cache is ridiculously high and when you change it, if you haven't emptied it out first, then sometimes your files will be stuck in there already over the limit.


also, if you install ie7 over ie6, you can get your cache from ie6 stuck there and you'll have to manually go in and delete it.

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