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A few helpfull hints to new posters


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I know this is posted someplace here but i can not find it


There is some basic info needed to make helping a lot easier


1. Describe the problem with as much detail as you can, even if you think it is silly or sounds

stupid post it.


2. What you had been doing when the problem occurred


3. Your operating system


4. If you have recently add or removed any software or hardware


5. If the problem is random or not


6. If it is an on line issue is it every page or just a few pages


7. Did you get or see any error codes


8. Have you checked for any problems in your device manager or system log file and if so what are they?


9. Is system resore on or off


10. have you recently had a run in with a virus and do you have the following installed and updated

spybot s&d, adaware, and ccleaner along with your updated virus protection


11. Have run a registry cleaner or messed with the registry in any way


and most important


12. take and post a test


anyone think of anything else



From Simonsells91: Posting the system configuration helps a lot when it could be a hardware problem. Also, taking a Pit test and posting the link to your Tech Express in the first post will be a big help.


From rjmcc99: Make the topic indicative of your problem. Don't just write "help" or "problem." Many people don't even open a topic so titled.

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Also to add to The Bear's helpful hints 3. Your operating system* ... Give us a hint to help you! :adios:


Please include what version of Windows you're using in your topic .


Is it?

Win 98


XP home

XP Pro


Is it Vista?

Home Basic

Home Premium



32 or 64 bit

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