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large downloads have corrupted files

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Hi, :h3lp: I am writing to you in a last effort before i reformat my p.c again,(was having problems with my hardware firewall last month).

What my problem is , is that everytime i try and download large programs/files they end up getting corrupted my end. One of my online friends reakon this is called "packet Loss" and i should contact my i.s.p.This i did but they said it "wasnt their fault". Another freind of mine(who is a programmer) suggested it may be my firewall or antivirus.( AVG free and Nvidia harware firewall) . I tried downloading these files again with both turned off or set low but still no joy. :pullhair:

Do you have any other suggestions before i re-format the bloody thing again? :bang:

I would be gratefull for any suggestion however small !

thankyou in advance


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it seems that you may have an Nvidia chipset .... if so when you installed the chipset driver you probably installed the Nvidia access manager .( NAM )...... which has caused many of the issues you speak next time when prompted for NAM select no

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Use a down load manager -- they keep your file intact even if the connection slows or fails -- then restart when needed, and finish the download properly.

I'm on Linux ( Suse 10.2 ) and the default browser has a download manager built in.. There are a few written for Windows as well. Do a search ( dogpile dot com is good) to find one you like..



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If you use Firefox get the DownTheAll add-on. It is a great download manager and is very fast. :)


Hi , first thanks for all your replies , I had tried using a download manager which showed all the download to be fine, but on installition "Some files are corrupt try downloading files again". Also on suspecting that I.E7 was to blame i downloaded and installed firefox . But this again had the same problem.

Also I do have an nvidia chipset but isnt the "Nvidia Acces manager "part of my firewall chipset? If it is then this aint the answer as i have had my p.c for a few months now and i didnt have the problem untill recently(or it could be i havent downloaded large files since i first installed it!!! :unsure: )


I did notice my download speed drop while downloading a patch for my game but i have used my mates computer to download the same file and witnessed the same pattern.

Any other suggestions?

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Maybe the files you are D/L are simply corrupted?

Perhaps try a different mirror, or try a different file.


Sorry for the necropost but Im having the same problem as this guy and im just curious if a solution was ever found?

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