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pc pitstop on a multi-boot system


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hi folks, :adios:


how ya doin'? i've just learned/found/discovered pc pitstop and thought i'd post my first query so here goes:-


here's me query - how many licenses do i need purchase for pc pitstop to function and optimise a multi HDD multi boot pc - the same XPsp2 license installed on each of four hard drives


background info

i'm just finishing a total rebuild :hammer: and configuration of my pc to avoid many issues :thud: incurred from a '?regular?' multi-boot system :laughing:


the theory/logic behind this effort is that if one install screws up :pullhair: i can continue with my other interests while i sort out the issue/mess (especially if i've been 'tinkering' behind the scenes :rofl2:).


thanks for your input :cr@sh:.


yo :sparkle:

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Your license is good for all your computers/installations in your home.

You only need one license per household.



a-okay - and thank you for your feedback (and the welcome). ordering a copy now . . .



so it's pretty fast, huh?? neat!!!



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