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Looking for a reliable optical mouse brand...

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I've had 2 optical mice I used to switch back and forth, simply because when one would stop working, the other would start working..and vice versa. It soon got to where they both stopped working completely.


One of them was a fellowes mouse, had a nice 5 button setup to it, but the led won't come on at all now, unless you click a button, it just flashes..


The other was just some run-of-the-mill "mini-scroll" mouse. It worked very well for sometime, but like the Fellowes, it also started to give out.


My question is, are mice supposed to die this quickly, in a years time? or am I just not getting a brand I should go by..?


What do you guys suggest?

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I have Logitech and Microsoft. Never had problems with them.


Thanks for the suggestion. I did forget to mention I'm using a Logitech Marble mouse a friend got me as a Christmas present a little over a year ago, I rarely use it though, just can't get used to how it works, but it has operated flawlessly.


And to Simonsells91..


<=/ That's no way to help me out..


"I have never had a mouse die. I think you're just unlucky"


ah well, can't go against your opinion. :mrgreen:

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go Microsoft. Try not to get the wireless ones the batteries only last about 2 months.


Im not excited about that deal.


Agreed; I was at a friends house once, he had a wireless mouse. That thing would die like, every week, on a fresh set of batteries!! :mrsgreen:

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Wireless HIDs are cool for presentations, big theater setups, etc......I don't like them for PCs myself.


I have a brand new Gyration Ultra cordless optical suite sitting on the shelf. Never used it. Pretty cool thing really...but not for your regular old PC I think. I had one set up for presentations at our old company.




I have seen a lot of them (mice) die...but that was back when they had those pesky little dust collecting rubber balls in them.

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I guess that wasn't very helpful. Microsoft mice work great. I have 2 of them that I use. If you can wait for shipping you can get a brand new wireless mouse on ebay for around $10-$15

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I have a microsoft trackball optical and a wireless optical both hooked up. I switch between them depending on what I'm doing. Never any problems. Batteries die a lot on wireless but I use rechargeables.

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My personal choice of mouse, albeit a lil expensive has to be no.1 Razer Diamondback or similar or 2. a logitec lazer mouse.

On the cheaper side of things you can get a logitech office optical mouse or one of the many microsoft models.

Top models are the razer series of mice and the next best is most deffinatley the logitech lazer series of mice.





These mice arent just for gaming,they are excellent for graphic design and almost all other applications.

Have a walk into pc world and look at the mice in there.

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yep the mx1000 is the best mouse i ever used:)


battery last and it has built in rehcharables:)


and its fast good for gaming and everything else:)


came together with my keyboard.




and i had it for 2years with no problems:) got it on sale on newegg for 54$ with the keyboard to mx3100:)


and its been threw alot to because i game alot:)



another mouse i recomend to is the Razer Diamondback i got the blue plazema one:)


fast and looks good had that about a year.


and have no problems with it.


i use that for my laptop when i game on it:)

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