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PC Pitstop Disk MD


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DiskMD was built from the ground up and designed to be better than Diskeeper. My experience is that DiskMD does a better job at defragging and has no performance hit from running a service in the background.


I believe you can still get a version that will be fully functional for the rest of the month from the beta testing forum:



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I'd have to agree with I_G.


This is probably one of the best Defragging program I've ever used. I guess the Disk MD also does a file by file defrag, it really improved performance on my HDD.


I'm actually forward to buy this, I trust PCPITSTOP. They have great products. :) (Hey I_G I supported you, can I get a free license :P ).. :lol:


Yeah so rapido give the beta a try. Good Luck :adios:

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