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OK so I have a Vista Computer

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Thats there fault for tring to install the latest and greatest (yeah right) software on 5 year old hardware.


Sure people will try it...theres no doubt but its easier to tell them to upgrade there hardware then fight them about WHY their shiny new software doesnt work.


YOU HAVE TO UPGRADE YOUR PACKARD BELL 2600 LADY!!!!!!!! :surrender::pullhair:





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brandon's quote:

2. Vista has enormous requirements, so if they don't have the resources to purchase new hardware, then they have no business using Vista in the first place.

I agree with this....leave XP alone if it's working good for you.


No one needs the 'Vista Experience' if you don't plan to continue testing it with outdated hardware and drivers :geezer:

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What exactly is "outdated" hardware?


One year, two years, three years.................?


I only ask because I have tested it on all kinds of hardware, and it ran on everything I have.


There are people who would consider my stuff outdated, and those who would consider it great stuff.

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Bruce... I don't know that answer, but apparently my one year old Laptop is outdated as far as hardware goes. I Can't get the drivers needed from HP because they aren't updating them....??


Now with that said, I am running Vista Business on my laptop with no problems (yet). That's all I really need or want, but it would be nice if ...well never mind. Expecting too much from a one year old laptop that had XP pro on it was a long shot.

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Have you checked HP's website recently, they have been adding drivers like crazy, yesterday they a had a couple for my laptop, as the day progressed today, every driver for it was available and software updates...........


Everything on my laptop was pretty much working also, but there were a couple items like the quick launch buttons that I was waiting for. This laptop was also made last year.

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OH well

windows never crashes your computer did :P ,Yup and let see with a heart beat using 512 ram memory

doing nothing :blushing: Thats even better .Great OS your trying out there ,Bruce ,ya i know

it`s on the computer kinda of come that way ? or did you upgrade to it .Either way ,after 3 months

of doing the beta test,and then more on the RC1 i seen enough of vista .That`s one i want no more of

you can play till your tired of it :geezer:

not sure if your running it to find out if it better then the XP was or if you got bored

and need a new rant on microsoft again .this shouldn`t take to long ...

i`m kiddin ya ,

sense vista came out ,i`m sick of it already,not sure what has gotten to me .

uninformed people that work in the stores or the ones that that took it home and tried to install it

on an older computer ,That it doesn`t run on .money out the window .

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so far i had vista installed on my desktop as my main os and my laptop has it for its own os for about 2weeks.


and i haveint had one problems with any of my games or software:)


i didint have even one crash:)


i had my desktop allways 24/7 to even my laptop is allmost on 24/7:)


and i even have itunes streaming music 24/7:)


and i do alot of heavy stuff on this computer to.


so far i likeing it tons better than xp or any other os seems much stable and runs stuff tons better:)

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Why should people have to throw away their hardware? I wouldn't want my laptop rendered useless before the warranty is out.


Won't we get budget systems anymore? Will Dell only sell their 'gaming' style PCs?


The worst part is all of this "old" hardware will run Beryl (A far more complex 3d desktop) with no trouble at all.

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