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PCPitstop Erase on USB Stick


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I am interested in PC Pitstop Erase product, I am just trying it now, but there is one issue I would like to emphasize, not found in all "File Delete" software I have tried, so far.


Issue: "File Deleting" software should run on USB sticks!


I think the most useful feature that PC Pitstop Erase should have is the capability to be installed and run from a USB stick, without the need to install the application on the needed PC. Some kind of “Lite Version installation".


This feature it would be particularly useful for erasing files in office PCs where, always now, the user does not have the Administrator's rights, thus not able to install any kind of software. (Some time I miss the good old DOS)


I am a consultant and work around several companies using their workstations, and when I finish my job at one company I would like to be able to remove "completely" my deleted files.


I have discussed this with many people that travel around working for several companies and all whish to have such capability.


I would appreciate any feedback and comments.



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