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Optimize has crashed my computer

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I have a dell desktop pc, less than a year old. Last week it began running a little slow then occasionally shutting down for no reason. I took it back to a restore point from a week or so back when it running fine but this had little effect.


i tried defragging but it seemed to stick at 53% after hours of trying. I ran an up to date Norton virus scan, nothing found. I ran pcpitstop and nothing was reported as out of the ordinary.


I read the great reports of Optimize 1.5 and thought this may help so paid my money and ran the program. It made various suggestions which I agreed to but when it tried to reboot afterwards it opened with options regarding safe mode etc. It doesn't matter what I try - safe mode, last configeration etc, on every occasion after the initial xp screen, an error message comes up saying that there is a problem with services.exe, which I now understand to be the basic thing for starting xp on my comp. After saying ok to the message the screen goes blank and stays that way!


So, it now seems i am left with a dead pc. The only advice I have had from anyone so far is to reformat it but that means losing all the software that came with my new comp and everything i haven't backed up.


Does anyone have any idea what has gone wrong and is there a hope of saving it in it's current form. I would put my knowledge level as lower intermediate btw!


Your help would be greatly appreciated. Mike

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If the computer will not boot into Safe Mode, you can save all the data by doing a non-destructive install:



After the computer is restored, we would be very inerested in reviewing the logfile from My Computer>C:\>Program Files>PC Pitstop>Optimize>optimize_log.txt in order to analyze what happened.

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