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how to delete windows vista?

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ok my 30days has expired.


but when i try to delete the vista from my partition it says i cant because im not a admin of that windows.


im trying to delete it when im on windows xp.


but i cant get the uselessthing off of my gaming drive:(

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yep i was there but still said i couldint removed it lol.


so i just formated that drive with it on it.


tho it mess up the boot because that was the primeery drive.


so it said bootmgr when starting up the computer and couldint do anything.


so i pop in the vista cd and i saw repair so i click that.


and it pop up all theses useful settings so i did the startup boot repair and guess what it fixed it and now booting now:)


and now i dont have 2 vistas lol

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welp could be in trouble again lol.


i had 11gb partition that was empty so i use partition magic to make it free space so i could put all partitions in just one.


but now when i boot it says it cant find any drives lol:(


but when i go to vista setup i could see all drives and my data is there.


but anyway i could get it bootable again?

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right now i cant even get any windows install:(


says about wrong filesystem.


and when i try to do windows xp again says its not teh right file system for xp.


and when i restart now says no bootable devices:(


so im kinda stuck now:(


also this is my laptop and also no floppy drive:(


any ideas what to do?

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boot to your boot options screen choose boot with comand prompt

and type format c: or what ever your home drive is and start from scratch


oh did you even look at the links i posted?

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yep i looked at the links.


by the way think im geting somwere i downloaded super bootdisk and it seems to put the mbr back on.


and windows reads it now tho have one problem it loads the dell partition 45mbs first and it set it primary instead of my main ones.


and i was wondering if i delete that partition will it let me pick my others instead?

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To tell the truth your system sounds so messed up now it is probably beyond repair

if it was me i would do what i suggested in my last post and just go back to xp

at least until all the bugs are worked out with vista.


That is my opinion of course you may want to wait for some more feed back




The wy i am reading your post is you had been dual booting with xp and vista

and some how you managed to have two vistas and maybe no xp thats why i

said your system is beyond repair, i'm not even sure if you have a valid mbr

any more but that is a bit beyond me on how to start a repair of an mbr or

if it is even possible at this point.

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thing is i got some stuff i want to get back:(


and right now with out doing the mbr i cant get nowere to format.


but so far seems like i got the mbr working because vista is seeing its windows and it made it bootable but the dell uttlty that is on there that is 45mbs keeps loading up first:(

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If worse comes to worse if you can boot to a command prompt you

can format.


Like i said wait see if anyone post any more info

but from where i sit i think your pretty screwed :(

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looks like i got it working:) it booted to windows setup and now installing:)


what im gona do is after windows get installed im gona get the files i want than start everything over.


than im gona try vista one more time sense there wont be nothing in risk:)

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If you have not reinstalled windows xp already the simplest (and most logical) fix would be to boot from the vista media and go into command prompt.


Figure out what driver letter your dvd drive is. Now, assuming yourdvd drive is e:\ you would type the following at the command prompt:


e:\boot\bootsect /nt52 all


This will revert back to the nt52 kernel for xp sp2. Then exit the command prompt, and reboot the computer.


Then all should be well.

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got xp installed and got teh stuff i wanted off of it. than i deleted every partition so everything is clean than installing vista now with no partitions sense the drive is ony a 80gb.


but ya i tried the nt52 couldint get that vista working again.


but good thing xp installed got lucky lol.

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