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Cable Guy?

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i downloaded "cable nut" and i tweaked my system but when i did "cable" it didnt do much change so i made it adsl why is my cable faster on the adsl setting please help and advice thanks.



edit: not called cable guy sorry

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Guest William

Thought I'm not familliar with that particular program I know for a fact that there is no exact setting for any connection. The best settings differ from connection to connection. Normally on cable or ADSL there are two settings that affect transfer speed (1, MTU 2, RCVWindow) the MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) is usually set to 1500 for broadband (i.e. DSL/Cable) and the RCVWindow should be set to something like mine (63480) ideally the RCVWindow works best when it is a multiple of your MSS (Maximum Segment Size). Whatever the program sets for Cable and DSL connections is the reason behind your improved performance under the DSL setting. Rest ashured that there is no problem with your connection, just that the settings for DSL work best in your unique case.

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