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old computer help


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ok i found a old computer and decided to see if i coul get it working.



but when i turn it on all it does is make long beeps and keep doing it.



so i looked up the beep codes and found when it does that meens its with the video or memory.


so i tried memory that i had still does it so i tried a external video card does same thing.



know what could be causeing this?



all i know the computer is 400mhz p2 and has 64mb ram because it says it on the cpu and memory.


oh and its one of those cpu card things that like a video card but this is a cpu.

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External vid card? Not sure I follow this. Do you mean you substituted a card going into a slot on the motherboard? If so, did you go into the bios and disable onboard video?


Sounds like a Pii cpu.

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hmm not sure what i was talking about external video card :lol: i ment pci video card l :lol:


but the problem have been found bad memory.


i took the memory out of my hp computer 256mb ram each and pop it in and it booted right up to windows 98:)


first i tested the mem in teh hp and it didint boot thats when the problem was soved:)


i thought something was bad wrong with it because nothing was showing up on teh screen and just beeping.


but seems like a dencent pc 400mhzs and 10gb hdd:)


and seems like it can be overclocked because it has alot fo stuff in bios allmost like dfi, motherboards lol

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