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Heres my optimised score...




Didnt help much.. I only gained around 20 points. I cant overclock it very far either.. I raise my FSB from 200 to 205 and thats as far as it will go till it wont boot.. I guess I got a dud CPU :shifty:


Oh well guess i've reached the limit of this system.


Posting for a 3rd time.. lol.


The reason it won't boot is because you aren't changing any settings besides the FSB. When Overclocking, you need to change voltages, memory ratios, and memory timings, too.

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Yeah I'm just lazy... And I dont want to push things very far incase something breaks.. cant buy these parts anymore. And I have already had to buy a new mobo for this imported from the states..lol that was expensive it just quit working for no aparent reason.. got up to play on my puter and went to turn it on.. and it did absolutely nothing.


Also if I overclock too far and it doesent boot it's an effor to reset the cmos.. I might put a reset cmos switch on my case next to the reset and power buttons hehe.. one of those buttons where you flip open the top and press the button.. like of air froce jets when they fire the missles in the movies :)

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Really all you have to do is put 4 raptors in raid 0 and over clock it up to at least 2300 and nspank the retro P4. Thats all they depended on is 4 or more hard drives in raid 0 to score more than the old retro XP. Not their cpu, even at 3700mhz couldn't beat the old retro xp! :laughing:
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