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Connect the twoor more identical drives physically to the computer. I leave my SATA drives to cable select.

Go into the bios and be sure raid is enabled. There is usually a setting for raid and then there is usually a setting for each port. Enable the two or more ports you will be using.


Be sure you have your raid drivers on a floppy. They are ususally on the motherboard cd unless it's Asus and then you have to go to their website and download them.


Tap the F10/F8 or whatevery your particular board designates for configuring your raid. You will pick each drive that you want to use and the type of raid and stripe that you want


Raid 0 for speed

Raid 1 for backup

Usually 128 or 64 stripe is good. If it has an auto or default let it choose.

reboot to the OS cd and be ready to fap F6 and insert your floppy with raid drivers.

Follow instructions from there.


It's F6 Is it raid drivers for a DFI board that they supplied on floppy? If you had to download them you might have the wrong ones.

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Normally you just format and partition using the windows install disk. If you want you could configure the raid array, and then boot to a hard drive WD or Maxtor, etc, utility to configure file system and partitions. I just use windows.

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think i found teh problem i took my 1stick of a-data ram out and tried it and its installing windows and allmost done..


now im not sure if it killed my stick of ram:(


right now im not installing raid till i figure everything is ok.


i let you guys know how everything goes:)

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ok i got everything working 100% the ram is ok to ram must of not like dual channel lol.


ony thing i didint do is raid but is there anyway i could install it while windows is on?



how many hdd's do you have? yes you can setup raid now.

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