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*** TO ALL ***


This tweak may be easily applied by using a Registry settings file as described in post #18.  Here is the applicable section of that message, slightly edited for clarity.



Tom in your post #18 all i would do is copy paste and follow? To be honest i am a bit freaked out with the reg however willing to try somethings. If all i do is copy, paste, rename, then apply i dont think ill have an issue.


I would really want highspeed net again. My Tune Up ran out. :) Thank you for your help

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Ok well i tied to copy paste it and did the merge thingy. I get this :



cannot import C:Documents and Settings\Owner\Desktop\MaxHttpConnections.reg. the specified file is not a registry script. You can only import binary registry files from within the registry editor.


OK button.


Lost, what to do? Im lost



Downlaoded Firefox and Holly COW what a difference. May take a while to get used to the layout. Similar however differnt to me. Did the fix and YEA huge diff. Still would like to know what i can do for IE7.



Going to dl firefox in wifes PC. hopefully it will keep her away form bad sites that myspace holds.

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