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rc nitro trucks


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ok i was thinking of geting one but im haveing a hard time of chooseing one




or this http://cgi.ebay.com/Jeep-4x4-Nitro-HobbyPr...1QQcmdZViewItem


i want a truck that will offroad good and wont get stuck and have the power to.


and im looking to spend 250$ and under mainly under 200$


because i have to buy nitro fuel for it and thats alot...

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Don't let me spoil your fun, but be prepared to spend a lot of money on repair parts. It's so easy to strip servo gears on them or break parts off it if you crash into a street curb or something at 50mph.


Also, make sure you get a failsafe. If your remote gets interference or loses power, your car won't go full throttle until it crashes into something. The failsafe will automatically apply the brake.

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I tryed one once...........never again! I'd stay with the electrics. Never could keep a clutch in mine. Couldn't get through just 1 tank of fuel without breaking something.. and then , cleaning up the messy oil residue afterwards. The Dude is correct on the failsafe. You can set the failsafe to do a number of things whether it be kill the throttle, apply brakes or whatever. I don't do cars now, I fly rc helicopters and planes for my enjoyment. :mrgreen:

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lol, i got into trucks /rc stuff about 3 years ago, got out of it ever faster lol.


had a hpi MT2, still running, with about 200£ hopups on.


then wanted to go bigger, got a savage SS, paid over £1000 for it, with the .46 truckzilla conversion, with the 3 speed tranny. stripped god knows how many spur gears, clutch bells, burnt clutches, servos (inc futaba's metal servos) broke the pullstart hundered's of times, (strong compression on a 4.9hp engine) :( rolled the truck in the end on top of the engine (and if anyone knows of the .46 engine, its huge) snapped the engine mounts on the side of the crank case. sent it back, took 5 months to get a new one back, then sold on ebay got 440£


sav was a nightmare and in the 5 months waiting for a new engine, got bored, so decided to get something alittle more down to earth, bought myself a traxxas revo, with the trx2.5. spent another 800£ in hopups, RB.23 nitro engine, new set of chrome wheels (real chrome) chrome upper and lower suspension arms, stronger digital servo's, chrome'd out most of the truck. started to get trouble with the carboretta(sp) falling off etc, repaired that, bent one of the suspension arms, replaced all the dogbones for full steel versions. chrome skidplates, metal spur gear etc. twin brake custom mod. new shell etc.

sold that on ebay, got £400 for it,


moral of the story, stick to electrics! lol

cheaper and easier to repair! im getting 2 yokomo drift kits, for me and my bro, as he's even had enough of the MT2 repairs! lol


as for the t-maxx, its a nice truck, easy to repair, and popular, so you will find an abundance of spares on ebay, or anywhere that does RC.

one issue i had with that truck tho, was the judder when pulling off. never felt comfortable with it :(


anyways, good luck with it, and get some vid's of some bashing. wouldnt mind to have a bit of nostalgia. lol

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geting a traxxx t-maxx for ony 100$ plus shiping off of a another forum so gona get that:)


lucky i didint get the ebay ones.


replace the front lower a-arms with aluminum and replace the stock motor..there VERY hard to keep the fuel udjusted right.


Should have went with a 4wd Buggy...thier the most fun!!!!

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well i was looking at the buggy but couldint pass up the deal the guy gave me comes with everything to start driveing except the nitro fuel lol. and i couldint pay to much for one because im building another computer:)



i post some pics and might even do a video when i get it:)


hes even gona give me the ez-start if i want to put it on later he converted it to pull start because for faster take off.


its 4x4 to:)

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  • 2 weeks later...

got it for 140$ shipped:) thats with everything to get it started except gas.


should have it on friday or befor:)



first he did have trouble geting it runing because the carb was haveing trouble but he fixed it and he said its runing good now:)

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got it 2days ago had trouble geting it runing because i wasint primeing it right and the glow inighter is kinda weak still works tho.


but today i got it runing nice today:) first it came with no power because when you push the trigger it went but realy slow than it gets faster.


than i tuned it and now when you push the trigger this thing takes right off i even put a brick in front of it and it climb right over it fast with np:)


tho still need tweaking because this eats gas to fast problee because the idel because its loud louder than my yamahal 80 dirtbike lol.


and it goes by it self about 2mph when you leave off the gas so that tells its the idle needs tuned which i do tomarlow.


but im suprize how much power this 0.15 engine has lol has tons.


i get some pic later. and a video when i get it tuned right:)


oh forgot to add i bought a dodge ram ext cab on ebay for it:) and planing on makeing it look like my ram one:)

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rich in cold weather


lean in hot weather


Most people think the opposite but its not how these little engines work.


If its running sluggish and producing alot of smoke at start you need to lean out the low end idle screw (about an 1/8th of a turn in at a time)


Dont touch the top end screw at all until it idles correctly.

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just tried it today and it started right up had to mess with the needles again but now seems like its eating less gas now:) turned down the high speed alittle.


tried to make the idel lower it did but i dont want to mess with it again becasuse the the shaft with the little hole in the carb was comeing out and the truck was trying to take off by it self to fast.


but got it back in and seems to idel lower now.


but the truck has good speed and alot of power and doesint smoke alot


and doesints stall when i push on the brake:) ony time it stalls now is when it runs out of gas.


it lasts more than 10miin more like 15 and 20 now and i dont even have the gas full it under half lol thats problee why i think its eating gas much.


tomarlo i run it with a full tank and see what time it gets and a video if it stays light out when i go out lol had to run it in the dark.

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sounds to me like its alittle high revving at idle.

and also sounds like its bogging a little when you full throttled it, and it nrealy cut out. lean it a little, and give it some welly!!

need a good straight to test it out tbh.


also i agree with the second gear, before a kickass ramp :D

how much did you say you got that t-maxx for?



i want one :(

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ya the video could be better:)


when i get more time i post one with jumps:)


so far its tuned the way i want it now and it shifts in 2nd gear now needed to go faster lol


had some troubles but got everything the way it should be.


i took the pull start out and put the ez-start back in and now it starts much easyer:)


right now im working on a new body for it:)


dodge ram 2500 white with red just like my real one:)


got the body just need to paint it.



i paid 140$ shipped for it came with parts and the ez-starter and the pull started that was installed and came with a big charger to charge the inside battery.


think with everything that came with it i paid ony 80 to 100$ for the truck with out everything:)

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i wish it was that cheap over here :( thats about £50-100 over here.

a can of fuel would set me back 15£. i think i may get myself one... i miss my REVO :(


i miss it that much, i sleep with one of the wheels............ j/k lol

i do still have one of the broken wheels, use it as a pen tidy.

ill be looking around ;)

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