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I have the newest test version (v1.5.10.0) of Optimizer. I do not have an option to uninstall under the START menu. On the post above it mentions downloading v1.5.9.4 to uninstall, but it appears that version is no longer available. What gives?

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Was Optimize installed in the default location originally? Where ever it was installed to is where the uninstaller should be. Look also in the folder at My Computer>C:\>Program Files>PC Pitstop>unins000.exe in the right-hand pane. Double click on unins000.exe to start the uninstaller.


If it was installed to the default folder, but the uninstaller can not be found anywhere, reinstall from the customer service page ( http://www.pcpitstop.com/store/service.asp ) and then look again for the uninstaller at Start>Programs>PC Pitstop>Optimize>uninstall PC Pitstop Optimize.


If the original installation was not to the default folder, you could look for the uninstaller at Start>Search>unins000.exe and check the path to make sure it is the right uninstaller.

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