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Combining Dsl Lines

Guest IrOnPiG

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Guest IrOnPiG

Hello everyone. Im hoping that somebody in here can help me out or at least point me in a direction.


I have 2 dsl lines pumping into my house. Basically I want to combine them. I want to double my bandwidth both up and down.


List of the equipment at my immediate disposal :


1. NIC's <---lots of them and plenty of PCI slots to go with them


2. NetGear FS 105-5 port Fast Ethernet Switch <---fully auto


3. Linksys BEFSR41-Etherfast DSL Router


4. Plenty of computing power



My OS is XP but I also have a Linux drive if that helps.


BTW I prefer not to spend any cash to do this.


Thanks for any help! :blink:

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