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Tip's for a Virgin ?


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As it said really, I read the n00b guide which made it sound simple, but I have still to see if the terms mentioned are clearly visible to me lol

But as some of the links don't work anymore and things move so fast in this game I thought I better quickly check if any new info\warnings applied to my system (in Sig) incase any of that info is outdated ?

Took me long enough to get it, can't afford to kill it lol.

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8210, that's a very nice system. Be sure to take it slow and you should be ok. Most of my problems come if I'm rushing.


Flew has that board and I'm sure he can help you with specific settings. I'd start out just raising the fsb a few points without even increasing the Vcore. Just to see how it handles things at stock voltage. These Conroes don't need much voltage to get good increases. For example mine says it's stock voltage is something around 1.28. I can raise it to 1.4 and oc plenty using air cooling. You may not even need that much depending on your cpu and board.

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