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Why does your Sig say:

"Thanks for peeing in my cornflakes"


Thats so funny :woot:

I bet you think those are raisins in raisin brand :yikes:
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But posting builds your count!! :blushing:  :woot:


Love Ya -- VOLTY!!!

That was not my reason for posting :mrsgreen:


Please get off my case


Everyone elses has

:mrgreen::mrgreen: Well if you didn't leave your case laying about, :mrgreen:


LB you talking about Norton that lives over Ralph and Alice? :mrgreen:



How do ya like this for a post packer.


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Guest Donna

This is up there with being one of the "wierdest" threads here!


To bad the title of it wasnt "Donna" :P:P

Edited by Donna
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