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2006 PITSTOP 500


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ah... dunno.. both IDE.. how would i do that?


Well i got a screen shot of my 2.7 run and it lasted 3 hours. I went to up it lil more.. 2.8 and i noticed it wasnt running good. When to back it down, lower than 2.7, since i want to keep it there... OS corrupts again.


Odd? to me it is.. But im getting tired of reinstalling this and im gonna bow down and let this pass. Unless you'll accept a simple screen shot of CPUz and PC probe of cpu temp and vcore.lol

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:unsure: What?


Did you write 0s to the drive before formating? If you are having trouble with the OS corrupting I would do that this time before formatting. You might also be sure to do a long format and I'm sure your using NTFS and not Fat32.


Your motherboard would have to have raid or you would have to buy a raid card. What mb is it again?


Anyway just set it where it's stable and working. When the time comes you can enter you score regardless of what your clocked to. :)

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looks like it does from newegg specs.


I guess Max is right.


Copied this from Newegg:


Storage Devices

PATA 2 x ATA100 up to 4 Devices


SATA 1.5 Gb/s 4


Yup I believe you could configure those 2 drives in RAID. Just to be extra sure, Shogan what do you say.. :rolleyes:

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Wait till you see what the first prize is going to be. :drool:





.............................. :mrgreen:


Courtesy of PC Pitstop LLC:




NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS

500 MHz GPU

96 Pixel Pipelines




640 MB, 320 bit DDR3

1600 MHz (effective)

64 GB/s Memory Bandwidth





SLI Capable


Resolution & Refresh

240 Hz Max Refresh Rate

2048 x 1536 x 32bit x85Hz Max Analog

2560 x 1600 Max Digital



Minimum of a 400 Watt power supply.

(Minimum recommended power supply with +12 Volt current rating of 26 Amp Amps.)



Sorry guys, but this one's NOT in the drawing. This one goes to the contestant with the highest legitimate Pit Score. :surrender:

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I know how ya feel miggs. :( The first Pit contest I participated in I think I came in 188th. Heck, I don't recall there being any prizes, either. But I got something out of particpating. (Although I think it was an insatiable desire to always be upgrading...) I know it probably sounds pretty corny, but I just enjoy the competition. Back when I used to build and run street rods, I was always looking for a race. And although winning is a nice feeling, if I had lost every race I still would have kept on doing it, because what I enjoyed was the racing part of the whole deal, the speed, the power, the grease under my fingernails 24 hours a day....


Things haven't changed much. I still get spanked when I go up against the Big Dawgs, but it's worth it to me just to be able to run in the same pack. And every now and then I'll hit another personal best, which just keeps me pushing for more.




But it is true.....


If you're not the lead dog the view never changes. :P



Don't ask me how I know this.... :thud::rofl3:

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well i got mine in... Im just gonna stick with what i got. manged lil over 2.7ghz on just bumping the fsb up to 253 and multi to x11. I prolly could do more... but i really dont want to screw it up again.lol... lastly... i changed my temp cache to 50 and it still says im at 313 for some reason? so i got 10 points knocked off.

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Don't feel bad Miggsy. Last big "contest" we had I killed a Motherboard. :D


I'll tell ya one thing. I learned more about overclocking and tweeking from the 3 or so contests I've been in then I'd have ever learned in school. So that kinda pays for the Motherboard. ;)

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