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2006 PITSTOP 500


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Absolutley everyone can play. I don't imagine ray will mind if I put up an invite at the Raptor Pit. I've been waiting for XC to get his machine all torn apart. Didn't think he'd ever do it. :rofl2:


Miggs, there will be a drawing for at leat one prize (it will be a good one) during the competition. You will have to have a score posted by the 15th of Dec. to qualify. That's the only stipulation. So the score doesn't really matter. As long as it's a ligit test posted by the 15th you will be in the hat for the drawing.


There will be a prize for the winner also. I should have some more info on what the prizes actually are by Monday. I've got a good idea but want to wait till I'm positive.


tarawa you can play too but you have to change your shoes. Those are horrid. :P


IG and I will be posting scores and going for bragging rights but no prizes.


Break out the vapos, erase those drives, and slap on some arctic. Posted Image

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