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You know you overclock too much when

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1.Your computer is worth more than your car.

2. Your computer has better cooling than your home.

3. You try conviencing your wife the hair dryer is causing the $50.00 electric increase.

4. You have a permanent desk outside waiting on cold weather.


Hey guys put in some of your favorites.

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1) Your monthly payment to visa is more than your mortgage


2) All your Pop Beer and drinks go into the fridge under your computer desk


3) You have a microwave on your desk for those quick snacks


4) You have an automated Calendar and Weather on your desktop so you know what day it is and how nice it has been outside lately


5) The most comfortable seat in the house is parked in front of your PC


6) You know exactly how long it takes your PC to finish 3DMark05




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1. You make some guy named brandon copy & paste his current sig from Tomshardware


2. You've seen the magic blue smoke, and inhaled it


3. You consider a six-pack and a bug-zapper high-quality entertainment.


4. Fewer than half of your cars run.


5. You use the term `over yonder' more than once a month.

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When your PC case has more fans then Nascar!


When your g/f pulls you to the side and ask "Babe,Why does the computer room have a key lock on it?"


When your g/f walks into the computer room and says "Damn,It feels like a meat locker in here!"


When your PSU is the most expensive single piece of hardware in your HIGH end computer.

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When you get your monthly purchase by UPS and you kiss the driver.


Newegg, the power company, and Intel/AMD/ASUS sends you Christmas Cards.


When your idea of a fun Friday night is seeing if you can get 100 more points on your PC Mark score.


When you actually have ideas to put here. :D

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When you are up till 5 Am benching your PC (currently doing that)


When you take off the side panel and place a floor fan pointing at your system to ahve off a Centigrade


When you adapt a office water cooler to your PC's water cooling system.


When you max out all the votage settings trying to squees out that last megahert


When you consider watching benchmarks as movie entertainment.

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You see your bios screen more than you see your desktop.


There is a fist fight at the front of the local pc hardware store between salespeople when you park your car in the lot and start walking toward the door.


There is a little voice inside your head that whispers in your ear the following right before you run a pcmark bench:

"If I see that STUPID dragon go after that STUPID flying boat one more time AND MISS, I'm going to stuff your head inside that cd/dvd drawer and jam it closed, so gohead, click that button."

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