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optimize and IE7 imcompatable?

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Guest iamcris

What the heck is going on? I drop $30 for a program that I think will SPEED UP my computer and internet connection, now after its paid for my connection just creeps like dsl or dial up. I have cox cable, i run ie7 and my pc tests flawlessly on the full test mode here at pc pitstop. Should I wipe it clean and ask for money back? Is there a known issue between optimize and IE7? Do I have a setting wrong? I thought optimize was supposed to take care of "those settings" for computer idiots such as myself so I wouldnt have to mess with it..??!!?? Any help would be greatly appreciated. The only program I run in the background that i'm aware of is microsoft liveonecare. Have had that for months and never had issues. Thanks in advance for your time.

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There's something amiss with your Tech Express link. This may be helpful: http://forums.pcpitstop.com/html/helpfiles/techexphelp.htm


The only issue that I know of with IE7 and Optimize has to do with the size of the Browser Cache. Namely, IE7 has moved it so that Optimize is unable to make an effective change to the size. This is a known issue and will be addressed in the near future. That issue should not have any impact on your Internet speed.


Are you running any proprietary software from your ISP that may be in conflict with Optimize?


If you selected "safe" from the Internet connection type screen, try Optimizing again using the "max" settings and see if that brings an improvement. If you're already at "max", open the Optimize program and put a dot by 'restore system settings' and then run the program again. If that fails to restore your former speed, go to Start>Programs>Accessories>System Tools>System Restore and restore your computer to the first restore point before Optimize was installed.


To uninstall the program, go to Start>Programs>PC Pitstop>Optimize>uninstall PC Pitstop Optimize.


Optimize comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If there is no improvement, let us know and your order will be refunded.

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Thank you for taking time to reply to my concern. I have recently increased the value to "max" only after calling my isp to ensure it would work. It will still frequently hang up but it seems to be running better at the moment. I have corrected my tech express link so that it works now. Thank you for the link to remedy that. I will observe how it works over the next few days and go from there. Thank you again for listing various solutions. It is refreshing to find a forum where people actually assist you rather than mock or insult one's knowledge level of computers. It is appreciated.

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Your Internet speeds look pretty good:


Bandwidth Down 6195 Kbits/sec

Bandwidth Up 560 Kbits/sec


It actually should be quite fast with the numbers you are getting now.


What is the advertised speed you are being charged for?


Have you scanned for malware recently to make sure nothing is 'borrowing' some of your resources?


Our free Exterminate scan won't remove anything, but it will detect it and show you what it found:



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