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I purchased and ran Optimize for the first time today. I also ran Erase, a defrag, a disk check, and uninstalled numerous programs. There's no telling which of these could have caused my problem, but I'm praying someone here might have some insight.


Five different folders in My Documents have been gutted of their sub-folders. The sub-folders are simply gone without a trace. Mind you, all other files in the main folders are still there. Furthermore, there are several other folders in My Documents that went untouched. But it seems that most of the largest folders (including My Pictures and My Videos) were affected.


A search of my system turned up no sign of the missing folders, and a system restore did nothing to retrieve the lost information.


Is there any way Optimize could have done this? Erase would seem the more likely culprit, except that I've been running Erase for months without any issue.


Any ideas?

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The only way Optimize could have done it is if the missing items were in temporary folders. And it would have showed them to you before removing them. Also, if it was Optimize, a Windows System Restore should have taken care of the problem.


I searched the database and can not find a similar issue with Optimize.

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