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Need for Speed: Carbon

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A pretty good game imo :) I downloaded it yesterday and i really enjoy the drifting and the total customization that they give you in it as well. The graphics are decent.. i run everything on high with my 7800gs without lag.


I downloaded it at filefront.com ( faster than gamespot ).


My personal scores are:


1st track: 1m.35s.72ms

2nd track(drifting);

best drift: 202'391 pts.

best score: 333'206 pts.

3rd track: beat him by the first corner, won with 48'781 pts.



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I'm a huge NFS fan.. I'm downloading the game right now. At 4 KB/s, it should be done in a matter of weeks. 3.0297 weeks to be exact.


Edit: Did you try out any of those lackeys? Like the Scout and so on?

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Oh yes, sorry :)


In one of the races (the first one).. you have a teammate and when they charge up (nos i think) you hit RIGHT CTRL and they will take out the guy who is infront or behind you to give you a better chance of winning. It's fun actually... they speak to you and tell you if there is someone behind you, comming up on you fast etc.

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looks to be a nice game, gets released tomorrow this side of the pond.

only got to wait another week for all my pc parts to arrive, and then ill be back in action....


just wish there was some other way i could play it :(

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Really Adam? I loved it... im basically done except for the last race which is actually 4 races in one (the very last race in the game). I'm 98% done the game and i think that it was alot better then Most Wanted.

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i pretty much like this one the best:)


the customizeing is way cool:)


and now theres muscle cars :clap:


and i like the drifting on here the most:)



the dislikes is


1 it crashs sometimes and im not the ony one and 2 theres cheating on the online sometimes:(


and 3 is theres no [email protected] firebird or atleast a trans am on here:( to me that car whould of pwned on here..



but so far im likeing it:)

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Well i got the full version off torrentfive, and i must say the game is fun but sad at the same time. the driving is the most poor physics ive ever seen...since when do you take turns at 140mph? also theres no car damage only some cheesy looking scratches.. and the cars have auto brakes. try and drive around at 5mph you will notice the car cannot freely roll without stopping.. and plus you can see the road moving under the car.. which means the car sits still and the level moves through you.. indeed this is how most of games are desighned accept halo and halo 2 ofcourse) but you shouldnt be able to notice its like that.. also front wheel drive cars drift without even hitting the E brake.. and smoke the rear tires? WTH? the game is fun.. but it should seem more real.. im about 80% beating it.. and its very short.. the story isnt nearly as good or nearly as long as most wanted.. but mostwanted had these same cheesy driving physics..for example go drive in a circle really slow.. it looks like the level is sliding around under the car.. lol.. wow EA you have got to be kidding me....i give this game a 6 out of 10. and no more.. also it doesnt even support 1680/1050 lol but now that i think of it none of EA games do... even BF2 2142 game from 2006 doesnt support it... :( this really disapointed me because i was expecting so much from NFS carbon..



Also for some reason when your in a drift race.. the car has like some kind of super drift engine.. its not even the same car anymore.. that is stupid.. go try in drift on free roam. good luck! lol.. this simply shows EA isnt the best game designers microsoft can kill this with project gotham on the 360. the resolutions may not be as high. but the physics will be real itleast. maybe im the worst game and graphic cridict around.. or maybe i just know whats a good game and whats not.. i belive EA simply released this for a quick money scoop.. other than that its simply some arcade crap..

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i dissagree, personally enjoyed the game that much, i literally had to peel my :filtered: from the chair, 11 hours later after starting it!

pure gaming at its best! lol


i love the NFS series of games, and i honestly think that this one has its good and bad points like every game.

its just dependant on how critical you like to be, and how much your willing to like it.


worth the money by far! totally enjoyable game.

however, there are still ALOT of cars to unlock, so it definatly has the "go-back" and play feature :D

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I'm really glad I didn't buy this game.


Yea, i dont buy games nor do i buy movies.. but if a game is good enough ill buy it. for example, i bought battlefield 2 you get my point! lol..... this NFS carbon was fun just like all the NFS series.. but its not really realistic. the game was addicting for me also.. i was playing it for about 3-4 hours strate. i call that some long fun gameplay.. but after you have beat about 3 bosses you kinda feel like its repedative..

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low end?!

if your running on your sig. then its not really that low end.


a barton 2200+ with 1gb of ocz VX4000's, and a 6800 my lil bro has, and he plays most of the games i play. without any problems as well.

my flat mate. runs a 2600+ 512mb of ram, and an old TI4200 64mb.... and hes playing nfs on it. <<<<thats low end!

somewhat nostalgic! lol

i remeber when that was near on top of the line! lol

now were talking athlon 5000+ dual cores, dual GPU's with coolers bigger than my fridge, etc


you got a nice rig! should run rather sweet tbh.

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to me the game is worth it to me:) because it is long you got to play all class and you get a diffrent story:) like right now im on muscle class my best class:) and im about 79% in it and i not even have unlock most of the cars yet.


and no game cant be like real life..


ony game that was close to it was motorcity online but ea killed it:( to me was the best racing game there was..

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