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Wish me luck. Waited until after midnight here. I go in at 10:30 AM for a prostate biopsy. I don't think there is anything to worry about, but PSA tests on my annual physical were up. Secondary tests were also up, so biopsy in the morning.




Guys, lets hope :filtered: (probably got filtered, meant chit} turns out good. Won't know for about 3 days, so good or bad news will hit at the start of my last week of vacation.




On a side note, where do I go on this vacation? Been to San Antonio, New Braunfels, Austin blues clubs, Turner Falls, and now lost on what to do!

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k1johnny, thanks for that bit of news. I'm also 56. :yikes:




JackeL, thongs are nice. :P




To all, my thanks for the kind words. Leave in about 45 minutes. They say it's only about a 20 minute procedure, and should have the results by Friday. Will keep you posted.




Again, my heartfelt thanks! :)

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