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I want to O/C more than the auto allows me. BUT.. i have no idea where it is in the bloody bios... prolly have went thru it... Just curious is anyone has this board and could help me out a bit.




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ok i found it under jumperfree configuration, overclock profile was auto, changed to manual.


CPU freq- 200.0 - goes to 400

PCI express clock - 100mhz- goes to 145

DDR voltage- auto - i know ill need to mess with this as i want to OC ram as well. goes to 3 volts

CPU multiplier- auto- goes to 11

CPU voltage- auto- goes to 1.5

PCI clock synchroniztion mod - auto - has- to cpu or 33.33mHz


I want to max it...


Also on the ram i have hyperX pc3200 whats the correct timings on it to get all out from it?

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Yeah ive read that more than a few times.


Want to get something straight first... do #4 till it locks up, back off. then go to cpu voltage, up it one. Then start all over on fsb till it locks up, back it off... then go to ddr voltage and then go back to the fsb and do it till it locks up, then back it off


Then for the memory, id want to up each a bit.


All kool and all... but what do i do with the multiplier. that lil guide seems to have left that out. Mentioned it...but did nothing with it.

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Hey Max, keep the multi stock and start increasing your fsb. Change the DDR voltage to 2.8V to start and the CPU voltage to 1.5V. Make sure your getting decent cooling on all your parts including the ram, cpu, mosfet, northbridge and video cards.



May have to change you memory timings to depending on how well your ram overclocks. Post back with some results.

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