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Cannot See Yellow Bar

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PC Pitstop utility did not load

NOTE: If you are using Windows XP Service Pack 2, look at the top of this page and see if the yellow Information Bar is displaying a message about PC Pitstop. If so, click the Information Bar and select "Install ActiveX Control".


I am not seeing any yellow bar at all, I did hear the sound though.


Then I thought it was a IE pop up blocking it , then I went to Tools and there are two subjects missing "Pop Up Bockers and Mail Add-ons?" Where the hell are these? The others are present, Mail and News, Synchronize, Windows Update, Windows Messenger and Internet Options.


I then observe more problems, I then click on Help>> About Internet Explorer...and the page is blank..there is no note saying ..this is version 6.5.0000 etc..


whats happening?

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