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the 7800 has been out for how long... obviosly new tech will beat it.


AGP has been out how long now? THe 7800GS was the best until the X1950 came out. It's new tech for old tech. ;)


The Ti4800 isn't newer than the FX5200, but it still creams it. That blows your logic straight to hell. ;)

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yay i could keep my dfi lanparty 250gb ut longer:) to me the best soild board and oc,s like a beast :) everybuddy on dfi-street.com loves it and they even said they like it the best than the 939s :)


heck this board still is still going strong:)


i was wishing ati will bring out a new one and it came true:)



i wasint gona give up on this board for another 2years even befor i knew this.




but this is very good news:)

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