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compressing my hdds with cleanmgr


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will it hurt the drives in anyway?


because on my drives i could get 80gbs from compressing my drive.


and on my other hdd i could get 100gbs back from doing it to.



im just wondering because i got ony 3gbs on one drive and 1gb on teh others:(

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problem about geting another hdd is dont have money:(


this is one thing i hate about games they take tons of space:(


my 250gb ony got 1.3gbs left and my 300gb that i got last christmas got about 5gbs left:(



i tried it on my laptop because i dont keep importen stuff on it just some games.


and got about 6gbs out of it said 15gb but it lied lol but so far it seem to not hurt the performence.


but it did defrag the hell out of it lol so right now its defraging lol.


but i dont think i will do it to my desktop because all the stuff i got on it and cant loose none of it.


oh and does it hurt the hdd?

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tyr removing stuff you don't need on the drive, if it has movies, then it's time to burn them to disks, uninstall any software you're nolomger using, and clean out temp folders and any temp internet files, If you have a total of over 500 gigs, then I'd be cleaning some stuff up.....imho

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