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Playing with Fire: Part II

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I'll ask the first question:


The preliminary results of our portable safety survey are in. For the question "What type of battery technology does your laptop/portable use? The results were:


NiCAD 5.8%

NuMH 12.2%

LiON 43.5%

Don't Know


Can you comment a little on these results and also tell our readers how they can tell what type of battery technology they have.





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Looking over the portable safety survey results I have to say that I'm surprised. The portable PC indusry moved away from NiCAD batteries many years ago. Even Nickel Metal is not popular today in Portable PCs. I expected everyone with a portable responding to your survey to have LiON batteries.


If you are sure that your system has a battery technology other than LiON I'd like to hear some more detials about your system.


How do you tell for sure what type of battery you have? Turn your system off. Make sure it is fully off and not in some form of sleep mode. Turn your portable over and take your battery off your system. There will be a latch and maybe even a lock button. Once you pop off the battery pack, tun it over. There you should see a label with a bit of information on it. The battery technology should be one of the things listed.


Other information on that label will help you identify specific details about your specific battery. If your system is one of the types involved in the battery recall this label will help determine if your battery is part of the recall. See your manufactures recall information for specific details.





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