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opinions on case i'm considering

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i really like the sleek design of this case (wanting black version but this one is easier to see in pics)


most opinions of it are pretty good but some set me back, mainly the several mentiong side case is difficult and optical drive doors are cheap..etc but i like the uniqueness of how the side panel opens

i never understood why lian li and other brands get so great reviews cause they make the ugliest most plain jane pc's i've ever seen and i have looked at every single case newegg has listed, i dont care for almost all of them


what do you guys think about it?


also i'm NOT using its included psu for obvious reasons, cases shouldnt even come with them imo

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they get the best reviews because their case are the BEST constructed of the best materials, have the BEST airflow and cooling efficiency, and are laid out the best.


simply put, you pay for the performance you get.


I would honestly stay FAR away from that case. it's a normal metal one w/ plastic as an insulator. it looks like it would be hell on temperatures, not to mention it looks very small w/ crap for drive cages. the bulkiness of the fan holders also worries me

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It all starts with the case.. I only use Lian Li cases. They r IMO the best out there in Airflow and heat disaption..There a little pricey but a heck of alot of room and plnety of extra's here is the one I have (not to pricey)




I second that case, its an awesome case, good airflow, and all aluminium is good.


Go for this one. :tup::)

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well i wont require any special cooling features, i've had my stuff in a case alot smaller than that one before..the silverstone lc02 with 60mm fans, now thats a small case.


i'm mainly going for something sleek and not so rectangulared, at 17.8 x 20" deep there should be plenty of room, my current antec is smaller than that

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i bit the bullet and got that case, arrived yesterday


for a cheap case it is very sturdy, moreso than my other more expensive cases, lighter than my asus vento


i guess they revisioned it, as it mine has 2 side vents, 120mm fits in one and 80mm for other, optical drive doors remind me of the ones used on HP computers, no complaints best case i ever bought

with exception to the included PSU of course

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