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Hi i purchased pc pitstop optimize a while back, and since i purcahsed i havent been able to update it !.


I press the button "check for latest updates" and i get the error message ="Cannot connect to server please try later"


Ive checked all the usual things like firewalls and that to see if im blocking it. but all permissions are allowed etc..


So why can i never connect to the server for an update ?






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Moving to "Paid Products"




The only issues we have seen with the "Check for latest version" button have all been on computers with Norton Internet Security installed. The button check is handled differently than the download and ping tests, which work properly on these computers.


Configuration of the Norton product is best done through Symantec support, as there are many different versions and settings to consider:



or: http://www.symantec.com/home_homeoffice/support/index.jsp


However, depending on the NIS version, you can go into options and see if anything is obvious, For NIS 2007 you have to find the Options dialog, then find the firewall, and then select "Ask me what to do" so when an application wants to access the Internet, NIS will prompt for a decision. If the option is set to let NIS decide, chances are it will decide to block the update button.


The work-around is to check for and update from our Customer Service page:


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