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2 spark plugs turn black the other 2 are good.


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ok guys been trying too figure the problem with our 94 tracker for about a week now.


heres the problem week ago when my mom and dad doing papers it whould loose power than try to stall out and shake.


so today we checked the sparkplugs and the 2 of them are black burnt and the other 2 are fine.


so we clean them off and tried it again and it stayed runing for about 30min ran good and had power than it started shakeing and tried to stall out. so we looked again and they were black and burnt again :angry:


does that meen the spark plugs are bad?

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we took it to our local town guy and he said its the fuel pump.


befor we took it to him the truck whould not start anymore and we didint here the fuel pump make a noise like it suppost to.


so we took it up there and today he told us its the fuel pump because he spayed some gas or cleaner in the engine and it started right up.


fuel pump wasint old either was ony about 1year to 2years old.



does it sound like it whould be the fuel pump to you guys?


because the problem first happen when the car ony whould drive 5mph and try to stall out than sometimes it will drive good like 30min befor it will happen .


than after that we had too keep pumping the gas to get it started week after that happen.

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The newer fuel pumps are in the fuel tank, and keep constant pressure. When they fail they lose pressure a bit at a time. Then, one day there isn't enough pressure to start the vehicle. They wear out fast due to heat , as they are cooled by the gasoline in the tank. If you run low on fuel most of the time, the pump is running hot, and will fail sooner.

Get the pump installed! :)

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:tup: Good job gordesky. If only more folks would follow your example, especially in user to user then more pitsters would probably be helping out there. Kylie posted a while back talking about giving so much and not getting anything back and now moving on. I know myself that I am a lot more inspired over there if someone comes back and tells you whether or not the advice worked and fixed their problem and says thanks. Hawk, mouse, duanester, TomGL2, Y, Kram, Hulk, Joe C and others spend a lot of time there and do a Great Job.




Edit: I don't mean to be disparaging to Kylie she is a great asset to all of us here, I believe she meant that she felt a bit burnt out and for someone with 4000 posts here and over half of them helping folks out I can certainly understand her feeling unappreciated with so little feedback from that much effort.

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